Another spectacular performance was held at the University of Rhode Islands Ryan Center last Thursday night. With the floor seats sold out and kids packed on the balcony, DJ Hardwell was ready to put on a show.

Dyro and Dannic, the two opening DJ’s who have accompanied Hardwell on his tour, began with remixes of some popular songs, such as Stay The Night” by Zedd, with a little taste of their own unique DJ stylings. The show hadn’t quite started yet, but they got the audience on their feet and ready for an exciting night. They set the bar high for Hardwell.

Needless to say, the students were ready for a show. By 10:30 p.m., Hardwell made his way on stage. Sweat dripping everywhere and clothes scattered around the floor, the audience was ready to be amazed. It was hard to tell what was more colorful, the light shows he flashed or the funky outfits that people dressed in. No one would be caught dead wearing the same thing.

“That show was bonkers, if only it could‘ve lasted all night,“ said sophomore Allison Cochran.

His music was blasting throughout the whole campus and endless amounts of police cars surrounded the building waiting for something to happen. One of the hardest tasks students had mentioned was trying to come up with schemes and elaborate stories to tell the event supervisors, hoping to get a spot on the floor where all the action took place.

Most of the supervisors and security guards were nice enough to allow floor access to students, but of course, there wasn’t enough room for everyone, leading some of the students to disappointment and trying to make the best of their balcony seats.

The floor was packed and people were piling up to the gates the minute Hardwell came on. They got the best of the Aqua Show when the mist was forced out into the audience. Hardwell’s energy was really portrayed through his music in which the audience participated fiercely in. He was well prepared and extremely euphoric to be behind that DJ stand. His computer was almost perfectly in sync with his hands as he knew exactly what his show was about. He really made a great impression on the audience.