The Harrington Rangers are running an item drive to provide hope and help for victims of domestic violence throughout all of April.

Donation boxes are set up in 101 Davis Hall and The Catholic Center at 90 Chapel Way from March 31 until May 5. All items will support The Domestic Violence Resource Center of Wakefield.

“Domestic violence is really overlooked and not really in conversation,” said Tamisha Francois, the Harrington Ranger in charge of volunteering events. “Something happens to these women and it’s really spontaneous, they end up in the center without really any of their belongings and the men [they are in a relationship with] will have control of their money so they can’t even buy clothing or necessities.”

Items requested include toilet paper, Lysol spray, hand soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, flashlights, high efficiency laundry soap, trash can liners, sippy cups and children’s socks and underwear. Flyers promoting the cause have been placed around campus proclaiming “don’t wait to donate!”

“It’s a quieted thing, and a lot of these women end up going back into these relationships,” Francois said. “And then many of them, you know, are not comfortable with going on T.V. so spreading awareness becomes difficult, you don’t see the faces behind these acts.”

The Domestic Center’s victims are primarily women, many with children, however they see male victims as well, about less than 10 percent total. Because victims often do not know how long they’ll have to be sheltered in the center, basic necessities of all kinds are welcomed.

The Harrington Rangers hope to continue forming events every semester to help victims like those of domestic violence. Spreading awareness on overlooked issues as well as helping others in need such as the elderly and less fortunate is a goal they aspire to continue towards in the future.

Francois expressed that the donations have been “picking up” slowly, but would love to see more awareness concerning the cause and have items come in as the drive comes to a close this weekend. She can be reached at t.francoisfilms@gmail for anyone with additional questions.