On Sunday, April 27th, the URI Student Alumni Association will be in charge of their annual campus-wide mud volleyball tournament, entitled Oozeball. Oozeball has been around for 24 years, with a strict amount of 192 teams.

Catherine Liu, treasurer of SAA, explained how 13 more teams were added this year due to the fact that students had “so much interest.”

These 205 teams are set to compete this Sunday, starting at 9AM. The tournament will be held past the soccer field, on Flagg Road, where specific Oozeball courts are set up. The games take place in a field, flooded by the fire department, leaving about a foot of mud for teams to play in. Liu described how the day runs on a “bracket type” style. Typically, the tournament will only last until around 2-3PM, but if the games are intense and longer, it could last all day.

To participate, there are no specific requirements, other than the rule that one person on the team must be a student at URI. Other team members could be from different towns and schools, alum, or even family members. It is 90 dollars per team, or 78 dollars for a URI Student Senate recognized group. The deadline to register was March 28th, 2014, so that teams would have time to prepare for the big day.

Throughout the tournament, there will be other side events going on, including a DJ, a 3 legged race, an eating contest, and other various contests in the mud. Spectators are welcome to watch for free, but they can only view from behind the fence, so there isn’t a huge crowd of people empowering the game.

“We hope the event will be very successful,” says Liu. “There’s such a high demand for Oozeball from everyone in SAA and the URI community.”

After the event, since none of the members want to keep their muddy sneakers, the shoes are hosed down by the fire department, and then donated to “Green Sneakers,” a non-profit organization. Green Sneakers is then able to give these used sneakers to children in third-world countries.

Since the semester is coming to an end, Oozeball will be SAA’s final major event of the semester. Liu encourages students who did not sign up for Oozeball this year to join next Spring, during their exciting 25th year event.