Dear University of Rhode Island Community,

Welcome back!  We at the Good 5 Cent Cigar are beyond excited to start this school year.  As you may have noticed, there have been some changes to the Cigar and I would like to take this opportunity to catch you up on the work we have been doing to shape ourselves into a news organization that reflects the high standards that URI holds itself to.

It is no secret that in the past few years the Cigar has suffered.  I watched two editors-in-chief fight an uphill battle against elements out of their control.  Social media, digital communication and decreased funding for print publications, specifically student ones, are factors that have put college publications across the nation on unstable ground.  It is a reality that people no longer look first to print publications for news – especially our primary demographic, college students.  The Cigar however refuses to let our rich history and reputation die out and after thoughtful and thorough consideration, we present to you a Cigar that we know can survive in this new age of communication, while maintaining our journalistic integrity.

In order to stay competitive and relevant as a 21st century news organization, we felt it was vital for the Cigar to have a digital presence. After a summer of hard work, we are thrilled to launch our new website,  With features like a concert calendar, a map of newsstand locations and online exclusive articles in addition to all the same stories that can be found in print, we hope our website will serve as a tool to the URI community.

Though our digital presence is a key feature in our remodeling, our print paper is a tradition of equal priority.  We hope that Cigar readers will find our re-designed paper visually appealing and viewer friendly.   We hope the community continues to look to our paper for coverage of everything from student and faculty profiles to the URI impact of national stories of interest.  We intend to cover this campus and issues that impact its inhabitants fairly, honestly and thoroughly.

As we work to revive the Cigar, we have a request of the URI community.  We ask that you continue to support us by reading the paper, perusing the website, liking us on Facebook and if and when a story we publish resonates with you, helping us to increase our publicity by sharing it!  In order for us to survive in this critical time of rebuilding, we need the support of our community.

On behalf of the entire Cigar staff it is my pleasure to present the new, improved Good 5 Cent Cigar.  We sincerely thank you for your dedicated readership and continued support.


Allison Farrelly