I am proud to say that I have made it through my first week as a freshman at the University of Rhode Island! I am exhausted and exhilarated, slightly homesick, but ready for more of what college has to offer. So far, I’ve learned a lot. From the ups, downs and a little bit of everything in between, here are some of the things I wish I had known about being a freshman before hand.

Nobody cares that you’re a freshman

I’m sure everyone can remember the first day of freshman year in high school. Freshmen always seemed to stick out like a sore thumb and seniors were never afraid to make their presence known in manner of unpleasant ways. In college, despite a few telltale signs such as campus maps clutched tightly in their hands, it is hard to pick out the freshmen from all other students here at URI. Freshmen may still be at the bottom of the collegiate food chain, but I am relieved to see that petty high school antics have no place here.

College can be boring

Ever since my senior year of high school, I had been looking forward to college for many reasons. I could not wait to be out from under my parents’ wings and to hang out with a bunch of cool people doing really cool things. And of course, parties. However, I was quick to discover that there is a lot of downtime in college. After the excitement of meeting people wore off, I found myself spending most of my time sitting around: either in my dorm, on the quad, or in the dining hall. Once classes started, my downtime significantly decreased since I had to do homework each night. Looking back, I should not have taken for granted those long hours of just hanging out during the first week, especially now that I have so much work to do.

Dorm Life is not all its cracked up to be

I spent the last few weeks of summer getting really excited about my dorm room. I finally knew who my roommates were and we started discussing our room setup via email right away. Like most of my friends, I was eager to decorate my room. I color coordinated all of my bedding and accessories so that on move-in day I would be able to take the obligatory dorm room panorama picture. Now, almost two weeks later, the charm of dorm living has certainly worn off. Most of my posters and bulletin boards that I spent so much time setting up have fallen off the walls due to the suffocating humidity. I’m getting really sick of climbing to the fourth floor, and the amount of clutter seems to multiply daily. Although I wish I had known more about sharing a room with two other people, I was lucky enough to be assigned awesome roommates.

Cockroaches, centipedes, and bees, oh my!

I always thought (or hoped) that cockroaches in dorm rooms were the stuff of urban legend. However, upon being startled by a scream from my suitemate’s room and rushing in to see a two-inch cockroach scuttling across the ceiling, I regret to report that I was very much mistaken in my assumption. My suitemate was lying on the top bunk when she caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye. She looked up at the ceiling just in time to see the cockroach emerge from a crack right above her bed. After several failed attempts to catch the heinous bug, she and her roommates refused to spend the night in the room and ended up sleeping on the floor of a friend’s dorm room instead. Thankfully, two days later our RA came by with an exterminator to spray all of the rooms on our floor. Apparently my suitemates were not the only ones with bug problems. In fact, three boys at the end of the hall found a bee’s nest in their room earlier in the week. Similarly, one of roommates washed a centipede off of her arm in the shower, and I was lucky enough to find what looked like a mini tarantula in the sink. Any budding entomologists should stop by Fayerweather Hall, fourth floor for more information.

It has definitely been a long, crazy week and I’m thankful to have it under my belt. I cannot wait for the day when I can look back on my first week of freshman year and laugh at all the trials and tribulations it had in store.