With fall’s [unfortunately] fast approach, many students are getting more belts and scarves out. But where to put them all? This space-saving craft can be completed for less than $2 if you only need to purchase the shower curtain hooks, and will help eliminate dorm room clutter.

Follow the steps below to create two different types of holders for extra scarves, belts or even ties, through one very simple process and another slightly longer one for a more fun, decorative look.

DIY 2-1What You Need:

  • shower curtain hooks- they should be circular hooks, which can be opened and closed (found at Home Depot)
  • a hanger
  • tape- use a stronger/thicker tape based on how heavy the items you will be using the holder for are
  • scissors

Step One: Preparation

Simple Holder: Set out the number of hooks you would like to use on your hanger, this will vary based on the size of your hanger and the number of objects you need hung.

Decorative Holder: Follow the instructions above for the Simple Holder, and then select whichever tape you would like to use for this project. I chose a pink-patterned decorative tape, but any tape will work.

Step Two:

Simple Holder: Open each hook and simply close them around the bottom of the hanger in a row.

Decorative Holder: Lay your first two hooks next to each other, then cut a piece of tape long enough to connect them together with only a small overlap.

Step Three:

Simple Holder: You’re finished! You can now hang up your accessories, just be careful to balance the weight out so that it hangs straight.

Decorative Holder: Continue to connect hook side by side using the tape. Eventually, you will want to connect them into an upside-down pyramid shape; make one row of four-linked hooks, one row of three, and one row of two.

DIY 2-2

Step Four:

Decorative Holder: To connect the rows, secure each hook to the two (diagonally) above it using the same method of wrapping the tape around both of them. Lastly, attach each of the hooks in the longest row to the bottom of the hanger.

Step Five: You’re Done!

Decorative Hanger: You can now hang up your holder and use it for your accessories!

This DIY at URI was inspired by Pebbles Cortez’s post on Pinterest.