In college, halloween is not just one highly anticipated, sugar-crazed night as it was when we were kids.  In college it is a block of days classified by bad decisions, skimpy outfits and excessive drinking.

For those of you who are going out on the town, here are some tips from the Good 5 Cent Cigar to you. We hope to see you alive on Monday.

-Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Leave a glass of water and some facepaint remover by your bed and you’ll be slightly less miserable in the morning

-Cover 50 percent of your skin.  We know that somehow ‘adult halloween costume’ has become a synonym for lingerie, but two drinks later, that apron for your chef costume that “totally covers my boobs you guys,” is going to be considerably less secure.

-Set up your drivers before hand.  That, “We’lll figure it out later!”  Yeah, that never works.  Make sure you have established rides to and from your drinking location to ensure a fun but ultimately safe night.  Check out Sobrio or Uber.

For those of you to whom chugging halloween themed drinks is less appealing, there are plenty of options for clean, sober fun on campus.

-Go to Rocky Horror Picture Show at Edwards Auditorium.  Show up in costume at 7 p.m. and experience the….we can’t even think of a noun.  You’ll need to go to understand.

-Go to the Octoberfest party in the Memorial Union Ballroom.  Dress up and make some friends at this multicultural event.

-Not in the mood for crowds?  Grab a couple friends and your favorite candy and pop in a halloween-themed movie.

Regardless of how you celebrate this weekend, be safe, have fun and make sure you would be okay with your Grandma seeing your costume.