We’ve always been cautioned to watch what we say because someone is always listening. Well, with this cautionary tale we present to you snippets of conversation heard around campus:

  • “She’s so ugly though, I saw her on Friday and was like… that’s scary. She’s not that bad when you first look at her but when you focus on her face it’s like…”
  • “Well I was drunk so I was like, ‘Just don’t think about it, they’re not really dating.’”
  • “All that’s left in my room is a single pair of yoga pants, I desperately need to do laundry.”
  • Campus Cop: “Are you high?”

Student: “I don’t do that sir…”

Campus Cop: “Have you had anything to drink?”

Student: “I don’t do that sir, I am a child of God.”

  • “My essay has been in the drop-box since like September, it’s probably like a dinosaur by now.”