With less than a month of classes left, there is little time to fill your room with holiday decorations. By creating your own custom wreath you can make another place to display your favorite pictures at the same time. I will show you how to make a festive wreath using clothespins that you can clip photos onto and add some holiday cheer before finals.

CHY 11What You Need:

  • clothespins- most festive if all green, I used both green and red (colored clothespins can be found at Michael’s or other craft stores)
  • tiny circular ornaments- can be all red or any colors you want (I used all red for a more uniform effect)
  • glue- the stronger the better (I used Gorilla Glue)
  • your favorite photos

Step One: Organizing Your Clothespins

If you are using more than one color, as I did, plan out the pattern that you want to create to make sure you have enough of each color. Then, set all of your selected clothespins in a tight circle on a flat surface with a single ornament between each one. By laying out this circle you can see whether you need to add or subtract clothespins and ornaments in order to make an even circle.

Step Two: Gluing Your Ornaments

When gluing your small ornaments onto the clothespins, placement is key! Each ornament should be glued to the same spot on the clothespins to create their own perfect circle within the clothespins. Additionally, the ornaments can only be glued to the top part of the clothes pins (the half that will not touch the surface you are working on or the wall when it is hung) and must sit above the springs. If the ornaments are not placed this way then either they will prevent the wreath from sitting or hanging flat and/or the clothespins will not be able to open in order to place the pictures inside.

Step Three: Putting Your Wreath Together

After gluing an ornament to a clothespin, you must hold the ornament in place for about one minute. The glue attaches best if you first scrape the ornament’s paint off in the spot where you plan to place the glue. Once the glue has fully dried you can now press the other side of the ornaments to another clothespin. Continue this process all the way around your set circle shape.

Step Four: You’re Done!

Once you have left your wreath to sit for a few minutes, and allowed the glue to fully take hold, you can open your clothespins to add some of your favorite pictures. Then display your creation and photos for everyone to admire.

This craft was inspired by SamanthaMuse’s example.