Every year around this time most of us break out the same old holiday decorations, whether they be for hanging on a Christmas tree or dorm room holiday cheer. This year, I will show you an inexpensive way to make a new ornament that lights up. This cute snowman’s face with his glowing nose will warm up any home for the holiday season with his (fake) coal smile.

What You Need:

  • LED tea light- sold individually at craft stores (I went to Michael’s)
  • Thin ribbon- generally red looks the most festive, should not be wider than the side of your LED tea light
  • Tiny bow- can be found at craft stores, should be proportional to the size of the tea light ( Michael’s again)
  • Adhesive rhinestones/gems- should be black to look like the eyes and mouth of coal
  • (Liquid) glue- the stronger the better, glue guns will also work

DIY 12Step One: Attaching the Ribbon

First, lay out your strand of ribbon so that it will be long enough to go all the way around your tea light and have enough length to make a bow (with a couple inches between the tea light and the bow). Then cut the strand at your desired length and place your tea light in the center of it. Next, put glue on the center of the ribbon for the length of the light’s circumference and then carefully wrap the glue-covered section around the side of the light. Double knot the ribbon where it meets and make a bow at the end of the strands, allowing enough room between the light and the bow to hang comfortably on a tree branch.

Step Two: the Bow Tie

Take your miniature bow and center it at the opposite point of the knot, which will signify the bottom of the snowman’s face. Place a dot of glue on the section of the ribbon opposite the knot and another spot of glue on top of the small bow. Then hold the bow to ribbon for one to two minutes to ensure a solid hold for your ornament.

Step Three: Making the Face

If your pack of adhesive (black) rhinestones has multiple sizes, select a larger size for the two eyes and a slightly smaller one for the pieces that will make up the mouth. Place the two eyes at the top of the face (one either side of where the ribbon is double-knotted), and about six of the smaller rhinestones in a half circle around the bottom of tea light’s surface.

DIY 12Step Four: You’re Done!

Now you can switch on your LED’s light and make your snowman’s nose glow! You now have a great gift to give to someone for the holidays or to hang on your own tree.

This craft was inspired by Paging Fun Mum’s “Tea Light Snowman Ornament!”.