This week I have decided to write about one serious issue: the weather.

I knew the winter would be difficult here, but no, no one told me I would live three months in Antarctica. I come from the northern part of France, where it is supposed to be the coldest area in the country. But it is nothing like here. I am sure you are all used to hearing this but I am really not. Almost -20 degrees celsius (-4 degrees fahrenheit), seriously?

I put on two coats, a pair of tights under my jeans, a hat and gloves, but what about my poor face? The other day I was so cold that I almost could not speak, no kidding. If you have solutions, please contact me, I don’t want my eyelashes to freeze. And the snow, oh God, the snow. When I heard about the “historic tempest”, I really freaked out.

I saw one of my roommates coming home with dozens of water bottles. “What are they for?” I asked. “Oh just in case the electricity goes out.” So if the electricity goes out, we won’t have any lights, water or heat…Nice, I thought.

Thankfully, this did not happen this past weekend. We hibernated, made cookies, drank hot chocolate and watched movies. It was pretty fun actually. I even went outside to build an igloo. But the problem is that this snow, which is fun at first and beautiful under the sun, turned to be extremely annoying at last. Once it is here, it does not leave, and worse, more snow is coming every weekend. I don’t know anymore what a Monday class looks like…(I am not complaining here!)

It has progressively become like skiing holidays but without the fun part of it. For all these reasons, I’m kind of nostalgic of the French weather, but I will also be proud to say that I lived and survived extreme weather conditions.

And then I think about all my Brazilian friends for whom it must be so much harder than for me and I tell myself: “Stop complaining and go sledging in the URI hills!”