Since being uploaded to YouTube nearly two weeks ago, the University of Rhode Island Catholic Center’s lip synching of “Uptown Funk” has over 12,000 views.

The video features members of the Newman Club and Father Matthew Glover. Glover gave most of the credit to Katie Marr, the vice president of the Newman Club. “It was all Katie’s sort of vision,” he said.

All it took for Katie was hearing the song on the radio one night and she suddenly had the idea to make another lip dub. Newman Club made a similar video to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” this past October. “It’s such a fun and upbeat song and I knew once Father Matt was all for it, we had to do it,” Marr said.

Marr did not expect the attention that is coming from the video. “The number of views, likes and comments that we’ve received on YouTube is unbelievable,” she said, “To say I’m excited is an understatement.” The Rhode Show on Channel 12 focused a whole segment on the video. Marr said that everyone is excited about the video and the amount of attention is has been getting. “Seeing everyone else’s excitement fills me with pure joy.”

“I’m content with just having fun in the moment like that, but a lot of the students have been excited to see the popularity it’s gotten,” Glover said, adding that he had a blast making the video. “I’m confident with who I am and to get out there and be able to do those dance moves was just an invitation to be me.”

It didn’t take much to get everyone in Newman Club to be on board with making the video. Marr organized the club into four different groups and gave the leaders free range of their choreography. She went over the route with them and at what part they were starting and stopping at. “The day of our meeting we filmed it. The group leaders spent about 20 minutes with their groups going over what they were doing and after two takes, we had our video!” she said.

Marr had seen videos like this one before online and it was always something she thought would be fun to do. She wanted to make Newman Club better known on campus and show how much fun they have. “I think in the end, why we did this video was to have a ton of fun, give ourselves a great bonding opportunity as a club and to get ourselves more known on campus and have more students hear about Newman Club and be interested in Newman Club,” she said.

Everyone participated in the video, according to Glover. “No one was hesitant and that’s the truth,” he said. “It really shows the quality people that we have.”