It’s nearly spring break and there is still ton of snow on the ground.  This is the time of year where you’ve probably just about had enough.  So here is my “Top 10” of things that I just think have got to go from our campus.

  1. Students who wear sweatpants EVERY DAY. Are you constantly in a state of just getting out of bed?
  2. People who wear shorts when it’s well below freezing.  Why? Just…why?
  3. The bumps at the top of Flagg Road.  Honestly, it’s gotten so bad I’m considering wearing a cup for when I drive in to campus.
  4. People who drive fast enough through puddles to splash you.  First of all, that’s not nice. Second, you’re probably breaking the speed limit, so double shame on you.
  5. The ice on the sidewalks.  Every time I slip, the same thought goes through my mind: “Well, this is it. This is how I die.”
  6. Campus tours coming through the learning commons in the library.  That’s where I study when I feel like pretending to be a tiger in the zoo.
  7. Trash that is literally right next to a trash can.  If Hassan Martin can average 7.7 rebounds per game in basketball, you can do the same in throwing away your iced coffee cup.
  8. The Fine Arts building. There are students doing really great work there, I feel like the building they’re in should reflect that.
  9. The snow. Need I say more?
  10. URI_Secure, not that it was ever here in the first place.