Spring break is coming. Next week, a large amount of you students will fly to warm destinations and sunny beaches. You will be drunk all day, partying with loads of students in Mexico, Florida or California. Well, that is the image that we, French people, have of the “Spring Break”. It is a myth for us, and a dream for many.

But it is also very controversial in a country where you can’t drink before the age of 21. Letting young adults partying, binge drinking and who knows what more is a bit strange. There is also this movie, “Spring Breakers” with James Franco, who gave us an interesting image of the whole thing. I don’t think that a lot of girls get involved with the mafia every year in Miami but I remember my parents were afraid I would do that during my year abroad here!

But actually, I do not know what is really happening during this famous week of March. I am not going because it does not really attract me, but I wish I could be a little fairy, flying on top of the whole thing just to observe.

What I need to do is ask my friends how it is really like. Also, I really do understand that you need to escape the cold weather here, (spring is a week away, really?). Enjoy the sun, get a nice tan (and no STDs please) and come back ready for the final part of the year!

So you may wonder what am I gonna do for spring break? Studying? Sleeping? Nope. I will stick on the East Coast and visit New York and Washington, DC, two cities that seem to have a lot to offer.