If you haven’t been to Mia’s Kitchen yet to try her veggie burger, drop everything and make the long hike up to the emporium. It will be worth it, I promise. Like most of you, I thought of veggie burgers as the bland and unsatisfying option for vegetarians, but now I’m ready to admit that everything I was conditioned to believe was a lie.

When my friend insisted that I try a bite of her veggie burger, I wasn’t expecting much.  After taking that first bite, however, I wasn’t able to get enough. Mia’s veggie burgers are filled with twice the flavor of an ordinary burger, and they’re just as juicy. It might seem a little sacrilegious to students to buy a burger from Mia where the beloved burger shack once stood, especially when their old sign is still hanging above Mia’s new one, but trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

When I first went to Mia’s on a Saturday, the place seemed deserted. There was no one else eating there, and the same thing happened when I returned again, but on a weekday. The lack of customers was a bigger surprise than the food, however.

Mia’s Kitchen is bright and welcoming, despite everything on the menu coming in a to-go form of sandwiches, wraps, and burgers.

There’s plenty of space to layout your homework or your study with a group of people. Besides the table space, there’s a nice crowd of chairs around an electric fireplace. The free Wi-Fi doesn’t hurt either.

Although there’s music playing in the background, you’d be amazed to discover how much work you can actually get done while you’re there.  The time I spent studying there was probably the most productive part of my week.

As we all crawl closer to spring break, however, I’ve been hearing more and more students talking about the great food at Mia’s, particularly her breakfast menu. Even though, after trying it, I wasn’t blown away, but it has many other students raving. At least you can take comfort in the fact that Mia’s eggs are all fresh and real – unlike the powdered scrambled eggs at the dining hall you’ve been avoiding since freshman year.

All of Mia’s food is fresh actually, even the house made potato chips that come with every lunch order. They’re amazing and filling enough on their own, so you might want to skip grabbing an extra side. The sweet potato fries taste exactly like the ones at Hope Dining Hall.

Apart from the fries, Mia makes some amazing dishes. No matter how many people I watched come in, I watched her deliver everyone’s meals to their tables herself. She takes the time to ask customers how they’re enjoying the food, get them some extra napkins, or tell them how much she loves what you ordered. There’s something very genuine about her that will make you feel like more than just a customer.