Living on campus, students quickly learn where to find the best bathrooms and which ones to avoid. If you’re not lucky enough to live in a suite with your own bathroom, you probably know just how disgusting the public restrooms can get. Here is a list of the five best and worst bathrooms on campus. In order to compile such a list I recruited the help of a male friend, Matt Santos, a freshmen and tour guide at the University of Rhode Island to accompany me around campus and scope out the men’s rooms while I investigated the ladies’ rooms, and these are the results:


Top five nicest bathrooms on campus:

#5 Mainfare Dining Hall mens bathroom: With the number of visits this bathroom experiences per day (and the “laxatives in our food” rumored on Yik Yak) it is truly surprising how clean the men’s bathroom inside of hope is kept. The newer fixtures means working plumbing and lesser chances of rust and mold. The bathroom is properly and regularly maintained to keep up its clean and sanitary ambience.

#4 Rhody Market mens bathroom: Located in the back corner of the lounge within Rhody Market, the men’s bathroom is very nice. The newer appliances are cleaned and maintained regularly. These clean bathrooms add to the Markets appeal.

#3 Memorial Union, main floor by the pool tables womens bathroom: The green and black tiles are kept clean and grime free, adding to the appeal of the women’s bathroom on the main floor of the Memorial Union. All of the stalls are uniformly cleaned showing the care and maintenance that goes into providing sanitary restrooms for the students. Sinks and toilets are wiped clean and free of the rust stains found in the older bathrooms, making it definitely one of the nicer bathrooms on campus.

#2 Carothers Library, third floor near the Galanti lounge womens bathroom: The silent third floor of the library is host to one of the cleanest, nicest bathrooms on campus. The minute one walks into the women’s bathroom by the Galanti lounge it’s immediately noticeable just how nice it is. The stalls are pristine and the sinks, walls and floors are kept clean and tidy. It might be the intimidation this floor provides that keeps it so clean, most people joke that they’re afraid to breathe too loudly on the third floor so it’s hard to imagine that someone flushing a toilet wouldn’t receive thirty death stares when they walk out.  Regardless, this bathroom is a good one.

#1 Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences, main floor mens bathroom: This is by far the cleanest bathroom on campus. Seeing as how new CBLS is on campus, it only makes sense that the bathrooms are up to code. Appearing brand new, with working plumbing, no rusty fixtures and a cleanliness that is the direct result of regular maintenance and cleanings, it comes as no surprise that the men’s bathroom on the main floor of CBLS is the best bathroom on campus.


Top five worst bathrooms on campus:

#5 Quinn Hall, main floor womens bathroom: Quinn hall, built in 1936, is host to very rundown bathrooms. The women’s bathroom on the main floor is extremely narrow, with a horrendous purple color painted on all the walls to presumably mask the overall repulsiveness of the old fixtures and plumbing by emergency plumber. The atmosphere is dark and old, with visible pipes jutting out of the broken plaster walls, and a damp and overly warm feeling, produced by the rusty old radiator that sits in the corner, gives the bathroom more of a boiler room type appearance than a ladies restroom.

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#4 Quinn Hall, main floor mens bathroom: Worse off than the women’s bathroom, the men’s contains broken urinals that run continuously, rusty sinks with leaking faucets and filth and grime that make the bathroom just sickening. Brownish rust stains in the sink and toilets give them the appearance of never being cleaned and the dirty floor and walls provide evidence that they might not be receiving the same everyday maintenance that the cleaner bathrooms in the newer buildings receive.

#3 Ranger Hall, the basement womens bathroom: Ranger Hall, built just over a hundred years ago in 1914, is a pretty rundown building to start with, however the women’s bathroom in the basement is just terrible. The uneven floor is covered in layers of filth and the damage on the ceiling from most likely burst water pipes makes it appear as the whole room could cave in at any moment. Old pipes held together with tape and chipping paint just scream safety violations. The sinks are old and damaged by rust causing the faucets to leak continuously. The toilets are gross and the appearance of the bathroom overall makes one wonder why nothing is being done to keep the bathrooms clean.

#2 Washburn Hall, the basement womens bathroom: Completed in 1921, Washburn Hall looks good for its age, withstanding the test of time. Except for the bathrooms. The women’s bathroom in the basement is completely run down, with cracked and rusted fixtures, gross toilets, sinks that will not turn off due to their rusted handles and for some odd reason the feminine napkin trash cans located within the stalls have been taped over so that they cannot be used. What is the purpose of having them if they’re taped shut? It doesn’t make sense. The ceiling has extensive water damage and just overall the women’s bathroom in the basement of Washburn is disgusting.

#1 Library, the basement, mens bathroom: Probably the worst bathroom on campus. The floor and walls are filthy, the faucets leak and there’s rust and disgusting, undesirable stains in every sink, urinal and toilet. It’s location alone already adds to its unpleasantness, being positioned at the far end of the basement, behind the rows and rows of research books, giving it the isolation and appearance of a bathroom one might see in a horror film where the panic-stricken protagonist is seeking refuge in the rundown bathroom of some abandoned building. The men’s bathroom in the basement of the library is quite possibly the grossest bathroom on campus. On inspection for this article there were no signs of mold, mildew or roaches like people have rumored and speculated, however, that does not stop the basement men’s bathroom of the library from being the worst bathroom.