The newsroom variety show, “20 Somethings,” filmed in Chafee Hall, completed its first season last year.  

Matt Sirois, a senior film major who was a producer as well as one of the hosts of the show, described it as, “A spinoff of SNL but more college related with skits as well as a newsroom kind of aspect.”  

The show features four hosts who discuss current events as well as other various topics interspersed with skits and musical acts. Sirois said there were about twenty to twenty-five students involved in the making of the show.  

“It had started out actually as a film course that may turn into a club, so it’s primarily all film students,” Sirois said.

“It’s the fall and students are still trying to figure themselves out with schedules,” Sirois said. “So as of now there’s not really talk of a new show, or a new season, but there is talk of creating it into a club where they’d format how routinely and how often they’ll do shows.”

Sirois said that, as of right now, the future direction of “20 Somethings” is more of a “thought process,” that is still uncertain.  He said that he believes the show will continue to exist, despite the lack of certainty. He explained how the episodes will probably be more spread out, with only one or two shows per semester.

“It won’t be like last year when we had a show every week,” Sirois said.

The issue is that the class was predominantly filled with juniors and seniors, many of whom have graduated.  Others are not able to make the time commitment of adding another club.  

Sirois said that “20 Somethings” is at a stalemate right now because students are trying to figure out if it’s possible to continue it as a club and if there’s more availability.  He said that a lot of the students involved either have graduated or do not have enough time to participate. While some members are in the midst of trying to convert it into a club, the future remains unknown.

Sirois communicated that those involved truly enjoyed the course.

“It was free reign,” Sirois said.  “We could create it into a show we wanted. The creative freedom kind of was like the biggest thing.”

The students were allowed to take the show in any direction they chose, learning about the process along the way.

The showed can be watched online at or by going on Youtube and searching ‘20somethings tv.’