Student Senate began its meeting Wednesday night by introducing the newly elected senators for the coming term. Before Senate could start cheering over their aversion of the election crisis, they had to discuss the two disqualifications and one tie. The two disqualifications were the result of two individuals running for freshman representative who had campaign materials within fifty feet of the Memorial Union where elections took place.

Senate also dealt with a tie in the election for an off-campus representative. Student Senate asked both junior Alec Perry and senior Crystal Moreno several questions to assess their capability as potential senators.  

“The main reason I wanted to be a part of senate is I’m the type of person who likes to be involved, I like to be a part of the decision making,” Moreno said, in her run off against Perry for the position. “I like to be a part of actually making something happen instead of waiting around for someone to do it for me.” Moreno also talked about her leadership positions in various organizations, and noted how her experience in the United States National Guard will help her in the position.

Perry, a transfer student, said that he “really wanted to be a voice for off-campus students” in his speech. Additionally, he talked about his six political internships and various law firm jobs and how they would help him as the off-campus representative.

After several questions, Senate elected Moreno to be the official off-campus representative.

In Other News:

Student Senate voted on recognizing the Irish Dance Club as a funded student organization. The organization originally began when two girls wanted to find a space to practice Irish dance, and has since morphed into a club with over 15 people in just a short period of time. The club is designed to teach Irish dance to beginners willing to learn and to create an open space for current dancers to train for upcoming competitions. Senate voted in favor of recognizing the club by an overwhelming majority.