Campus life can get pretty dull, so if you plan to make it through college and avoid boredom, you need to find things to do off-campus as well.

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the union but it is not boring by any means. Starting this semester, I planned to set apart my Sundays to do something off campus to remind myself that this University of Rhode Island bubble we live in is not the whole world. Thus, I declared every Sunday to be “Sunday Funday.”

This Sunday I went to Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge in South Kingstown just 10 miles from campus. Trustom Pond is part of several miles of trails that lead to different lookout points. At each point, telescopes can be used to peer at the surrounding wildlife. This past Sunday there were more swans, geese and ducks than I had ever seen in a single location. The amazing part of this was that swans are usually seen in pairs, but this time of year, they are with their offspring so you could see packs of up to four swans travelling together.

The best part about going hiking here was the seclusion from everyone. This place is great for hanging out with just one other person. So I suggest going to the refuge with a close friend if you are looking to have good conversation or even for a date. The outdoors are a great place to get to know someone, with no movie playing, fancy meal or noise to distract you.  It’s simply you and this other person.

Upon leaving the refuge I ventured to a little place called Daddy’s Bread. There is no attendant in the store, only loaves of bread and a table with a box to put your money. The store runs on the honor system, meaning you shouldn’t just steal the bread but to leave the money on your own. I picked up a loaf of blueberry apple cinnamon and it was delicious. Everyone knows how packed the dining halls can be on the weekends, so off-campus food is a must for a relaxing meal, especially when it’s homemade, rather than processed and sold in a supermarket.

Sunday Fundays are what I look forward to all week long, more so than Friday or Saturday nights.  So, try it out for yourself this weekend. Get off campus with a friend and go hiking around Rhode Island.