The University of Rhode Island’s Student Senate talked about a new big plan the University is going to be implementing. “Something interesting has been happening here at the University,” said a Senator, “The University is reviewing and publishing a new master plan.” The University’s master plan is a group of policies that govern the University’s buildings, grounds and infrastructure. The last time the University reviewed their master plan was in 2001, fifteen years ago. “It might be a good fifteen years until it is reviewed again,” warned the Senator.

The Student Senate proceeded to talk about the upcoming elections for the new Student Senate. The candidates for president and vice president on Monday, February 22 2016, will host a question and answer forum. They are encouraging all students to come and hear what the candidate’s plans and ideas are. The location has yet to be decided.

Senate ended their meeting by discussing URI’s current discussions with using new software to better help students. Starting next fall semester, the new software, Starfish Solutions, will be implemented. The goal of the software is to help better connect students will their professors. Starfish Retention Solutions makes it easier for students to make appointments with professors. Starfish also makes it easier to connect students to various resources on campus, like the library and career services center.