Growing up, I’ve had the opportunity to attend many plays thanks not only to my parents, but also to the great theaters that Providence offers, such as the Providence Performing Arts Center and Trinity Repertory.

I’ve always had a love for theater and attending plays. There is something about seeing performances live that is unbeatable. The actors only have one chance to bring you into a different world, and they can do so in an unbelievable way.

Out of all of the plays I’ve had the chance to see, from “Rock of Ages” to “A Christmas Carol” to “The Sound of Music,” one of my all time favorite plays has to be “Wicked.” If you have never heard of “Wicked,” it’s a play that centers around the witches of OZ, and how the Wicked Witch of the West grew into the iconic green-skinned angry character we all know. It also centers on how she and the good witch, Glinda, were once friends.

The storyline is just unbeatable, and for someone who loves the “Wizard of Oz” as much as I do, it’s an awesome experience to get to see and hear the other side of the story. As a good reporter knows, there are always two sides to a story, and getting to see the second side play out makes you appreciate the storyline so much more.

I remember the first time I ever saw the production. My parents bought my two sisters and I tickets for Christmas one year. They actually wrapped a witch hat in a box and made us guess what it was for. I also remember getting an awful coughing fit in the middle of the play and having to wait until people were clapping to cough. It was a rough first time seeing it, but I remember fully enjoying it. The second time I had the chance to see it, I was blessed by not having a coughing fit, so I was able to fully enjoy it all without waiting for songs to be over so I could cough. I was completely blown away by the voices that the actors had.

“Wicked” has some amazing songs that require strong vocals, and every time I have seen it, the actors just absolutely blow the roof off of the place. Not only are the songs amazing, but the story makes you think. Although I don’t want to give the play away for those who may have never seen it, the ending has to be my favorite part because it ties everything back to the “Wizard of Oz.”

This is my favorite play because of the execution, the way it ties into the classic that everyone knows and loves, and the way it keeps you on your toes. It throws a nice little plot twist for you at the end, which is one that I personally think just makes the play and the story that much better.

Every time the production comes to PPAC, I bug the hell out of my father to get me an extra ticket so I can tag along with him and my mother just to get to see the play again, like I did this week. While I’ve seen it at least three times, I always get so excited to get to relive it again. Plus, getting to dress up and go to the theater is one of my all time favorite things to do, because absolutely nothing beats the atmosphere of a theater during a show like that. If you’ve never seen “Wicked,” I highly recommend you get yourself a ticket and get drawn into the other side of the “Wizard of Oz.”