Earlier this week, the University of Rhode Island released its 2015 edition of The Clery Report, a detailed list of all the crime statistics that accrued during the previous year.

For URI, the statistics are displayed in four separate charts to represent each of URI’s campuses: the Kingston Campus, the Providence campus, the Bay Campus and the W. Alton Jones Campus. The majority of reported crimes happened at the Kingston campus.

More notable offenses on the Kingston campus include seven forced sex offenses, six of which were rape and one of fondling. This is up by four from 2014, when only three were reported. However, offenses were classified under one category in 2014. The number of reported number of forced sexual offences has increased by six since 2013.

“We know from national statistics that many sexual assaults are never reported,” said Baker. “So we have to continue education and discussion on this very important issue.”

There were also three reported aggravated assault cases, which is up one from 2014, and 19 reports of burglary, which is down from the 23 in the previous year. The 19 burglary reports are the lowest the campus has seen over the past three years.

“We all have to use common sense when it comes to our property,” said Stephen Baker, URI director of public safety.

There were four reports of domestic violence on campus and five reports of dating violence, both down from 2014. The two reports of stalking were both unfounded.

In 2015, there were 46 arrests for liquor law violations, which is 30 more than 2014, and 627 referrals also for liquor violations. Fifteen arrests happened because of drug violations, which is the most drug arrests in the past two years. There was only one arrest for weapon violations.

The Kingston campus had two reports of hate crimes; one of malicious damage/vandalism regarding race and one of intimidation/harassment also regarding race. The intimidation/harassment report is down significantly from 17 reports in 2013. There were no reports of hate crimes on any of the other campuses.

Fire statistics are also listed in the report. Only two fire reports were named, one in Eddy Hall due to ashes in the trash, which resulted in less than $100 worth of damages. The other was in Gateway Apartments because of a grease fire in a pan. There was damage to the floor, and repairs cost less than $100.

The Bay campus reported one rape, which is the only reported sexual offense in the past two years. There was one report each of aggravated assault, burglary and sexual assault, which are all up from zero reports over the past two years. The Providence campus had one report of aggravated assault and five of burglary, which are all up from previous years. W. Alton Jones had no reports.

Baker reminded all students that public safety is everyone’s responsibility.

“We all have to continue being vigilant and watching out for each other,” he said. “It is very important that members of our community report suspicious incidents to the police immediately.” Baker also added that URI Public Safety plans to further community policing efforts, and plan to do whatever it takes to reduce crime and make URI a safer community.

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