Halloween is almost here, and unfortunately, that means this will be the last Ghost Hunting at URI column for the year. However, I have saved one of the best stories for last. I still get chills every time I tell this story, and it has honestly helped me believe that there is something else here with us.

To this day, this investigation continues to live on with each club member that was there that night. It was an on-campus investigation where we ended up getting a lot more than we bargained for. It was normal, until one of our members said he saw a face in a doorway. He freaked out, called it a name, and everything went to hell from there. We got more responses from that night than any other investigation.

Two other people also saw the face and when they discussed it after the investigation was over, they all claimed to have seen the exact same one. A group I was in saw a shadow float by a door. We tried recreating it multiple times, but nothing worked. Another group of three got freaked out when they heard a growl and thought they saw something crawling towards them. The freaky part is that a majority of this happened in the same corner on the third floor of the building, a corner we dubbed the “creepy corner.”

We got one of our best pieces of evidence this night too, which is what makes this case so weird for me. It was much later in the night and our groups had formed into two bigger groups. One was on the top floor of the building in a classroom; the other was in the basement three floors below us. Being in the group on the third floor, I remember hearing what we thought was the other group calling for us. So we were calling them back with “guys” and “what do you want?” Our group on the top floor ended up migrating towards the other end of the hallway to the creepy corner.

Now, while we were doing that, the group in the basement was in a similar situation. They were all sitting and just talking when the member who had called out the spirit heard his name being said. They all assumed it was us so they came running upstairs and met us at the creepy corner asking why we were calling him. We never said his name once and we told them that before asking why they were calling us. They never once called us.

At that moment, many of us freaked out realizing we were at the corner where everything had been happening. Whatever was there with us that night tried to get us to the same place. And it did. The investigation ended not too long after that.

We still have the EVP from the basement group that night, and while their talking you can clearly hear that member’s name being said in a non-human voice.

We go back to that hall every year and still seem to get something creepy. We’ve gotten screams, lights going on and off behind locked doors, growls, and questions answered in ways we can’t explain. As a club, we know there is something in that hallway. We just do not know what.

So as you sit in classes on Halloween, or for the rest of your time here at URI, you may never know just who or what is sitting next to you.