Hope reigns supreme

Yes, it may be older and yes, it might be smaller, but Mainfare Dining Hall, also known as “Hope,” is the far superior dining option at the University of Rhode Island.


Hope is best known, both famously and infamously, for its hours. No, it isn’t open for breakfast throughout the week, but it is open later in the evening and, unlike Butterfield, it’s open on the weekends. Hope’s flexible hours allow me to walk in at 11:30 a.m. for an early lunch or at 8 p.m. for a late dinner, far more convenient than closing at 7:30 p.m. on weeknights.  


My favorite part about Hope’s hours are their weekend hours, because nothing beats brunch. I can roll out of bed comfortably in my pajamas and walk over to Hope for a full spread of eggs, bacon and pancakes — at 2 p.m. Hope on Saturday mornings is the best place to recount Friday night’s missteps with your friends, or watch some Netflix over a cup of coffee and a sandwich.


I truly believe the made-to-order options at Hope are unparalleled. I love their “Fusion” station that offers Asian-style stir fry or pasta made to order. I can’t think of another place on campus where I could combine sun-dried tomatoes, broccoli, olives, roasted red peppers and basil to make a delicious, customized pasta dinner.


Hope also has food with lots of variety and is guaranteed to suit any appetite. For starters, the deli offers tons of soup and sandwich pairings, while Astro’s Grill serves hot dogs, both veggie and regular burgers and even onion rings. If you’re not feeling Homestyle’s options that change for lunch and dinner, you can customize your own meal from different stations around the dining hall.

The deli serves chicken cutlets that pair well with salads from Hope’s expansive salad bar. Pasta with several kinds of sauce is always served throughout the week, as well as several different soups, desserts and side dishes.


With its superb hours, awesome variety and the best brunch Hope simply can’t be bear. It’s clearly the best option for dining around campus. And seriously, who really wants to eat at a place people call Butt?


Butterfield is for champions

With a few different dining options on campus, it is just obvious that Butterfield Dining Hall reigns supreme for all dining needs.


Butterfield is newer and has so many options for seating. Whether you’re there by yourself or with a group of 10 you never have any issue finding a place to sit, unlike Hope where if you go anytime between 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., it can be a struggle to find a table. Plus, Butterfield is never as insanely crowded as Hope can be. You can stroll around and not worry about waiting in long lines or getting cold food.  


Butterfield has so much more to offer. From “Butt-nugs” and “Butt-sticks”, Butterfield also has way more options at the deli, like bacon and guacamole. Homestyle nine times out of ten  is bomb and they have omelets all week, burritos (or burrito bowls if you don’t roll that way) and pizza, too. Having pizza in a dining hall is always such a huge plus, you can’t deny that. And Waffles. Butterfield has waffles. Nothing beats waffles.


On top of different desserts every day, Butterfield always has frozen yogurt. You cannot go to Butt and not get the soft served ice cream. Plus the weekly topping bars? That just takes the cake, or, well, the ice cream.


Hope got old quick, especially when it was the only dining hall when we were getting a “bigger, better Butt.” Yeah, it may have its specialties, but Hope doesn’t compare to the amazingness that is Butterfield Dining Hall.

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Caitlyn Picard
Caitlyn is a senior journalism and English major who has been on the Cigar since her sophomore year. Now as co-News Editor, Caitlyn is hoping to gain more experience in the field that she can hopefully use in her life after URI. caitpic@my.uri.edu