The URI Student Senate approved three internal policy bills, elected chair members, selected a commencement speaker and said goodbye to outgoing senators of the Anderson-Montecalvo administration on Wednesday night.

The Senate heard commencement speeches from Frank DiPalama, Vasiliki N. Panteleakis and Colin Rumbel. After a vote, Rumbel was selected as the commencement speaker.

The three bills, SS-56, SS-57 and SS-58, all dealt with internal Senate policy. SS-58 revised the Academic Affairs Committee’s bylaws, while bills SS-57 and SS-58 dealt with college liaison policy, with SS-57 making a special case for transition materials to incoming liaisons.

Samantha King, the former Student Organization Advisory Review Committee Chairwoman, was elected as the new Finance Chairwoman. Jared Mattern, who had been previously nominated by former Finance Chairman Ryan Buck, withdrew due to issues with time commitment.

Austin Cordova and Michael Bachilas were nominated for SOARC Chairman. Their election was lengthy, with many senators asking both Cordova and Bachilas about their experience with SOARC and Student Senate before calling for a vote.

“You two are the most qualified for this position,” President Cody Anderson said before the vote.

In the end, Michael Bachilas was elected as the new SOARC Committee Chairman.

The Senate confirmed the results of the spring elections with bill SS-59.

Ryan Buck and Andrew Donnelly won the Senate president and vice-president positions respectively.

Mark Gall, Zachary Taylor, Selena Evora, Brianna Benedict, John Morabito, Tristram Howard, Nicolette St Amand, Evan Cummiskey, Michael Bachilas and Esoheosa Igbineweka were elected as On-Campus Representatives.

Drew Hazen, Alfred Bailey, My Vu, Abdul-Lateef Orulebaja, Stephanie Saint Louis, Aiden Keene, Daniel Hollingworth, Lolade Ashamu and Connor Quinn were elected as Off-Campus Representatives.

Laura Creese, James Cocozza, Riey Temple, Austin Cordova, Ryan McWeeney, Adriana Wilding, Kennedy Tate, Kelly Watka, Jared Mattern, Abdulwhab Alquirtas and Amanda Marino were elected as At-Large Representatives.

Danny DePetro was elected as the College of Business representative, Lorraine Guerra as the University College representative, Skylar Nelson as the College of Environmental and Life Sciences representative, Darien Strassfield as the College of Arts and Sciences representative, Alison Flath as the College of Education and Professional Studies representative, Alexa Darche as the College of Engineering representative, Rachel Sardinha as the College of Health Sciences representative, Emily Murray as the College of Pharmacy representative and Shannon McIsaac as the College of Nursing Representative.