Ghost of Adams Hall has no issue with gender-neutral restrooms, despite being over a century old

After decades of reports of hauntings in the hallways and dorm rooms of the University’s oldest residence hall, the apparatus made contact with this realm claiming it has no problem with the hall’s inclusive bathrooms.

History of the ghost’s presence includes testimonies of the spirit miraculously rearranging furniture, flickering lights and frightening the freshmen that reside in the building.

Our ghost friend sought contact through a Ouija board late Thursday night in the last room on the fourth floor. Surrounded by LED candles—because open flames are a fire safety violation—the planchette moved hesitantly across the board spelling out an array of thoughts.

“DNT KNO” was the response given when asked why they have never chosen to leave the residence hall.

“FUN” is what the ghost had to say about their reasoning for haunting the dorm.

Throughout the history of the hall a collection of stories have grown featuring the ghost and their many shenanigans. Perhaps you have heard the tales of furniture being pushed against the inside of the door prior to the building closing for break, or the empty seats in the basement classroom appearing as though they are occupied. Maybe you have even heard about the Resident Advisor that attempted to throw themselves from the window after making contact with the spirit. You have probably even heard all of these accounts from the very Hall Director that claims to have glimpsed the ghost.

Despite rumors of the ghost’s hauntings dating back to the time of the building’s construction, when asked about the controversial gender-neutral bathrooms the phantom countered “IDC.”

This comes as a surprise that someone so old, from a time of hatred and bigotry, could not care less about an inclusive restroom.

“WASH HANDS” is the last message the spirit spelled out on the Ouija board before departing.