Students were shocked last Thursday when they received a communications message detailing an alleged sexual assault involving a weapon.

According to the statement, the University of Rhode Island Police Department is working together with the Rhode Island State Police during this open investigation. The incident was first reported to the URI Police on the night of, Sept. 18, three days after the incident occurred on the previous Friday.

“The victim left an event on campus in a vehicle and picked up a pedestrian close to campus. The male suspect (the pedestrian) displayed a weapon and sexually assaulted the victim, who was the driver of the car,” said the statement.

Siera Clayton, a senior writing and rhetoric major, had no idea that this assault had happened and before this event she “[hadn’t] heard anything too bad happening [at URI].”

Regardless of this event, Clayton believes that “as a female you’re always on guard no matter what.”

Evan Morgan, a senior in public relations, is upset by this event.

“I don’t know why things have to be this way,” he said.

“URI Police urge community members to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Do not stop to offer rides to individuals you do not know,” said the statement.

For any on-campus suspicious activity, please call 401-874-2121 and 911 for off-campus activity. Community members are urged to use the Safe Ride program offered by the URI Police when walking on campus alone at night by calling 401-874-7233.