Greek life, founded upon the values of Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Community Service is the largest values based community on campus.

Sexual assault has no place in the Greek life experience and is counter to the community values. Greek life is committed to ending sexual assault on campus and is partnered with the Division of Community, Equity & Diversity to deliver prevention programs to fraternity & sorority chapters. Additionally, continued awareness education is offered at the Greek Community level. Greek 101 mentors have received intensive training on Sexual Assault Prevention through CSV 302 and the topic has been presented to all new members through Greek 101 for the past 14 years. Greek leaders have also participated in By-Stander trainings, like Green Dot And I-Stand. One incident is too many in our heart goes out to all those affected by this preventable extremely traumatic experience and we expect perpetrators be held fully accountable

The office of Greek Affairs and governing councils do not comment on individual cases due to federal law, university policy and sensitivity to those personally involved.


Official statement from URI Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils.