The University of Rhode Island Student Senate voted on two bills Wednesday night. The first was to recognize Artists Striving to End Poverty as an unfunded organization. Their goal is to help the community through art, music and visual art. They also hold open mics and accept donations for different organizations. For example, they have donated to Hungry for Music, which donates instruments to kids who can’t afford their own. At the next open mic, the group is asking for donations for hurricane victims. The organization currently has approximately 20 people. The Senate voted ‘yes’ on the bill, with only one abstention.

The next bill was to recognize the women’s club soccer team as an organization on campus. This group currently has 70-80 members, and are growing by the day. There was a unanimous vote to recognize this group.

News from the library was also discussed in the meeting. The Daily Grind is currently closed until sometime next semester while they do renovations. They plan to move the cart so there is more room for tables and seating in the 24-hour room.  

The clean up that took place last Saturday was said to be very successful in their efforts to better the relationship with the community.

The Fall Fest will take place on October 19, 12-2 p.m. on the Quad. It will be during the organization’s fair for Homecoming. There will be 200 pumpkins and plenty of paint to decorate the pumpkins for free.