It was a great night for live music on Saturday, Oct. 7th as three talented sets of music groups graced the stage at Agganis Arena at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. Opening the night was Amber Mark, who infused tropical and pop sounds for an upbeat set. Real Estate came on stage next, stating that this was their “first arena rock show” and that it was “a big deal” for them. The band has released four albums since 2009, the most recent of which, “In Mind,” was released this past March. Although their energy wasn’t as high as the singer who preceded or the band who followed, they still delivered an excellent show.

The headlining act, Glass Animals, followed with a vibrant and visceral performance. The stage was decorated in palm trees, a television set that the singer hopped atop during multiple songs, and hanging in the center, a pineapple-shaped disco ball. Pastel and bright colors embellished the atmosphere.

For fans of Chet Faker, Phantogram and Alt-J, Glass Animals present a unique sound of psychedelic and indie rock mixed with tropical and hip-hop influences. Glass Animals have released two studio albums, 2014’s “Zaba” and 2016’s “How to Be a Human Being,” and are perhaps best known for their widely popular song “Gooey.”

The band is comprised of Drew MacFarlane on guitar, keys, and backing vocals, Edmund Irwin-Singer on bass, keys and backing vocals, Joe Seaward on drums and Dave Bayley on lead vocals and guitar. The band members met and were formed in Oxford, England, but both Bayley and MacFarlane were originally born in the United States. Bayley said it was “pretty much a hometown show” for him, as he was born in Worchester, Massachusetts, not too far from Boston.

Bayley has a very accomplished voice, and his ability to sound almost exactly like he does in recordings, even when dancing, jumping atop stage props, and running through the crowd was very impressive.

Despite the show being in an arena, with seats as opposed to general admission, the audience members never sat down, and never stopped singing along to every line. Following in suite with the band’s tropical stage design and musical sound, many fans wore tropical shirts and attire. The excitement was palpable; the crowd was buzzing with excitement from the moment the band came on and their enthusiasm never once ceased.

When the band played “Gooey,” Bayley entered the crowd and joined them for an up-close and personal performance. Watching Bayley deliver an intimate and stripped down take on the song, surrounded by fans, was certainly one of the best moments of the evening.

Towards the end of the night the disco ball was turned on, spinning and shining into the crowd during a euphoric performance of “Agnes”. The audience seemed to hang onto every word, triumphantly singing “You’re gone but you’re on my mind/I’m lost but I don’t know why” while illuminating the entire arena with lights from their cellphones that they waved back and forth.

As part of their encore, the band delivered a surprise cover of the always classic “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. At first, the song was unrecognizable, due to the Glass Animals’ stripped down spin on it, but soon the crowd caught on and danced away the final moments of the night. The encore, and the show as a whole, had the mood captured and the audience captivated in a way only Glass Animals could. This was a night to remember.

Recommended tunes: “Gooey,” “Pools,” “Poplar St,” “Agnes,” & “Black Mambo.”

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