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A terrorist attack on a Sufi mosque in Egypt on Friday has left over 300 dead and more than 120 wounded. The attack occurred in Bir al-Abed, which is 125 miles northeast of Egypt’s capital, Cairo. The attack is one of the deadliest attacks in Egypt’s modern history.

It is believed that there were between 25 and 30 militants who conducted the attack. They reportedly opened fire from various locations on those inside the mosque. The militants also detonated at least two bombs inside the mosque as well. Survivors said that the militants shot worshipers while praying, and then shot anyone trying to flee from the mosque’s three exits.

On Saturday, following eyewitness claims that the attackers were carrying ISIS flags, the Egyptian government placed blame upon ISIS for the attack. The Egyptian military has since conducted multiple airstrikes on bases in the region that are said to be used by ISIS. Over the past year, ISIS has consistently been losing ground as coalition forces regain ISIS-controlled territory. However, ‘lone wolf’ attacks, as well as larger, more organized attacks such as this one have continued over that period.

Local News:

A double shooting in Pawtucket on Saturday has left one man dead and another man injured. The suspect, twenty-one-year-old Cedric Dalomba, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder and felony assault. The victims are Mercelino Debarros, 20, and Jalin Braxton, 23. Debarros was killed, while Braxton was treated and released from Rhode Island Hospital. Dalomba was the ex-roommate of both men, having had to leave the apartment earlier this month.

Air Canada will soon be offering direct flights between Toronto and T.F. Green Airport in Providence. The airline announced Wednesday morning that starting on May 17, 2018, “they will be opening up the “summer seasonal” route. There are already tickets for flights that are available to be purchased.   

National News:

Today Show host Matt Lauer was fired Wednesday morning on account of sexual assault allegations. The firing came after a female co-worker came forward and gave a detailed complaint accusing him of inappropriate sexual behavior during and after the 2014 Olympics. Since the morning, at least two more complaints came forward. One from a former employee who said Lauer asked her into his office and had sex with her in 2001. She didn’t report it at the time because she said she felt ashamed and didn’t want to lose her job.

The Meredith Corporation has bought Time Inc. at a value that is estimated to be close to three billion dollars. The deal was supported by the Koch brothers, who are influential conservative donors in the political world. The Koch brothers helped make the deal possible by giving $650 million to the Meredith Corporation to conduct the deal.  

Time Inc. publishes famous magazines such as Time, Sports Illustrated and People. The Meredith Corporation, which has its roots in the Mid-West, owns Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens and AllRecipes. The Meredith Corporation also owns several local television stations and has maintained strong, loyal viewership over the years.  

International News:

Reports of shots fired in a busy London train station on Friday left pedestrians panicking and fleeing from the station. The reports of shots fired occurred at the Oxford Circus station, which is one of London’s busiest stations. However, police later said that despite the report, they found no evidence of shots being fired. Police also did not identify any suspicious individuals who the report of shots fired may have been addressing.

Late last week, the United States Navy called off a search for three missing sailors in the Philippine Sea. The sailors went missing after a transport plane crashed off the coast of Okinawa, Japan.  Eight additional sailors were injured but were recovered, and are doing well. The three other sailors, who are presumed to be deceased, have not yet been identified. The Navy is currently investigating the incident.


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