After receiving a degree in communication studies and minors in journalism and writing less than a year ago, University of Rhode Island alumna Sharla Geremia is off to great places.

With many opportunities to use the skills that she acquired on campus, Geremia took a job with the Boston Bruins as a Communications and Youth Hockey Intern. Working for the Bruins Geremia has not only gotten to work with children and other spectators, but she’s also been able to interact with the players.

“Some of my duties include handling the youth hockey ‘learn to play’ program questions and concerns, communicating with different charities for donation requests and fulfilling all fan pack and fan mail requestions,” Geremia said.

Geremia is placed in charge of setting up and assisting communications with outside parties regarding interactions with the teams like donations, events and activities – all of which Geremia gets to attend these as well. This allows her to work with fans and help to make their experiences meeting the Bruins even more exciting.

“I also attend game nights, where I assist with the Fan Experiences and other Community Relations activities, including taking photos at our post game meet and greets organized through my department,” Geremia said.

In assisting with events, she has also had a chance to take part in team signings, team golfing tournaments and other interactions with the Boston Bruins players as well. She loves being part of such a fast paced work experience.

“It’s fun and exhilarating at the same time,” she said.

“I absolutely love game days,” Geremia said. “I always get to meet such a unique group every time I help with fan experiences. And the meet and greets are always so heartwarming and make you appreciate things more, considering a lot of the kids we work with are sick or from military families.”

Geremia’s plans for the future is to continue to work in the professional sports field, and focus on community relations and fundraising. She hopes to go to grad school for sports leadership and management.

Her final advice for all students looking for internships and jobs is to go for it and be ambitious as she was.

“Don’t think you won’t get something just because you think you’re not experienced enough. It’s always better to do something and wait for the outcome rather than ignoring it and saying ‘what if.’”


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