Photos by Kayla Michaud | CIGAR | The Sheppard’s Campus B&B is located on Campus Ave. Below: The inn contains accommodations such as quaint bedrooms and comfortable reading rooms.

The University of Rhode Island’s campus includes a wide variety of places, even a family-owned bed and breakfast.

Sheppard’s Campus Ave B&B, owned by The Sheppard Family, has been in business for just over a year and is located right across from the President’s House and the Visitor’s Center.

Patti Sheppard and her husband opened the bed and breakfast a little over a year ago adding to their two other bed and breakfasts, located close-by in Narragansett.

“We bought the place about five years ago, but it took three years to fix because [my husband and I] were the only ones working on it,” Sheppard said. “Adding all the bathrooms, rewiring and plumbing is time-consuming. So we opened officially last year.”

The house located on Campus Ave, built in the late 1800s, features two bedrooms with bathrooms attached for guests to rent out, these rooms are $125 per night. The bed and breakfast also features a suite which includes a bathroom and separate seating room, this option costs $150 per night. A stay at the bed and breakfast includes many other amenities such as access to a living room, dining room, full kitchen, and sun room full of beautiful plants and a great view of the garden and gazebo in the backyard.

The bed and breakfast is popular for high school students touring the campus and visiting parents. They are especially busy around the time that high schoolers begin applying to the University, as well as around homecoming and parents’ weekend.

“If parents come to visit, their student is always invited to come over and have breakfast with us,” Sheppard said.

The bed and breakfast is known especially for their amazing breakfasts which are offered to all guests that stay overnight. The breakfast includes eggs from chickens that are raised at Sheppard’s Cottage in Narragansett, one of their other locations.

“We do big… farm style breakfasts… lots of fruits and vegetables, and eggs, bacon, and biscuits,” Sheppard said. “No one leaves the table hungry!”

Sheppard’s Cottage includes animals such as chickens and bunnies, which guests have the opportunity to feed.

“We get a lot of families from New York, and I persuade them to stay at [Sheppard’s Cottage] because so many children have never collected an egg in their life, or gotten to feed a bunny a carrot, or held a bunny…” Sheppard said.

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