The University of Rhode Island Student Senate started off the meeting Wednesday night by approving a bill that gave a contingency grant to the Powerlifting team for their collegiate nationals competition.

The team came in to talk about the event they will be attending. The President of the team, Sam Kopech, said that the event is “the culmination of our entire season.”

The team did make an attempt to fundraise for the event by asking family, friends and local businesses for donations.

Peer USA also came to the Senate chambers on Wednesday, but to be recognized as an organization on campus. Caroline Sullivan, the groups vice president, stressed how useful Peer USA is to students who join. The group mainly focuses on professional networking for students, providing information on internships and access to scholarships. Senate approved the bill, giving the organization recognition on campus.

The Academic Chair of Senate, Riley Temple, mentioned in his briefing that he will be meeting with the Associate Dean of CELS college due to alleged faculty misconduct in CBLS.

The Chair said that there was some “not so great language” thrown towards students from faculty, which he says “needs to be corrected.”

Lastly, Vice President Ro Percy made sure to include in his weekly briefing an important message to his peers of the Student Senate. During the time of an election for positions including President and Vice President of Senate, Percy, read a statement focusing on inclusivity.

Percy focused on his wish for everybody to be themselves and be accepted and for people to speak their minds while being respectful. He wants senators to believe that that is what the senate office is; an inclusive and diverse environment.

Percy mentioned senators walk through the door of the senate office and see welcoming and diverse faces. In response to this, he told senators to “leave your judgements and your piercing comments at the door.”

Once the VP’s speech was finished, Tristram Howard, an on-campus representative currently running for President of Senate, simply said “thank you.”