Q: What does your job entail?

A: “As director of Enrollment Services, I supervise the following areas, financial aid, records of registration… billing and collections.”


Q: What is your favorite thing about URI?

A: “Working with students. In addition to here in the administrative capacity, I also teach a class each semester. So, I actually get a chance to see the students coming in. In the fall, I teach an honors course and in the spring I teach a course in Africana studies.”


Q: What advice would you give to students at URI?

A: “In addition to studying hard and going to class, I would say make sure that you truly enjoy the entire University of Rhode Island experience. When I say that I’m saying not just the classroom, but get involved with groups on campus, get to know your professors, get to know administrators here on campus.”


Q: What advice would you give to students applying to URI?

A: “To really make their junior and senior count in terms of their academics… And don’t be afraid to dream about what to be when you grow up.”


Q: What is your favorite thing about URI?

A: “The people. I love the fact that it’s a diverse campus… I love the ocean which is close to the University. I love the culture here. I love the fact that this University comes together as a collective whole, specifically when there’s events that are happening.”


Q: Outside of your job, what are your hobbies?

A: “A couple of years ago, I took up boating… so I’m still learning how to navigate and dock, but I like being out on the water. That was something I didn’t experience growing up in the midwest.”


Q: What was your college experience like?

A: “My college experience, I would say, was similar to possible to what students experience today… We didn’t have computer technology at the level that you have, we didn’t have choices it terms of foods, and the things that you have in the residential halls. But, it was also a campus where there was a lot of activity. I was an involved student… I was able to partake and enjoy the experience.”

Q: What is your degree?

A: “I have a Bachelor of Science in political science, I have a master’s degree in public administration and I have a doctorate of education in educational leadership.”

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Theresa Brown
I believe that journalism is one of the most important fields in the world. It is incredible to have the responsibility of informing the public, and while I didn't know I wanted to pursue this interest at first I am so incredibly excited to take on this role. News, whether it be big or small impacts so many and I think that giving the students of URI a look into everything that is going on around them is extremely necessary to the overall functionality of the University. On another more personal note, I'm doing this because I have a passion for writing and because I care so much about the reporters and editors involved with the paper already and can't wait to work with them and lead them going forward.