During the Student Senate meeting Wednesday, a bill was passed by Finance Chair Samantha King proposing that $1,500 be granted to University of Rhode Island’s Sustainability Summit to cover the costs of events they plan to put on.

Executive board elections also took place, with seven open positions. The first position was Campus Affairs Committee Chairperson, after speeches from both nominees, Kelly Watka and Mark Gall, Gall asked that everyone vote for Watka as she was the most qualified for the position. The position of Academic Committee Chairperson was filled by Johnny Morabito. Jenny Kohl was elected to be Cultural Affairs Committee Chairperson. External Affairs Committee Chairperson was filled by Aziz Alquirtas. Rachael Sardinha was elected to the position of Director of Communications. Ryan McWeeney was elected as Reference Officer. The position of Treasurer was filled by Kevin Blewitt. The Rules and Ethics Committee was also chosen, and elected were Jared Mattern, Tristram Howard, Roseanne Leach, Ben Bennett and Skylar Nelson. After being elected, President Wilding swore each electee into their positions.

News of changes and new systems that will be brought to campus were shared by President Adrianna Wilding. These included plans for a new shuttle system on campus which will run until 8 p.m., a safe ride system through Uber and the possible movement of staff parking towards the outside of campus. She also shared that course evaluations for professors will now be online making it easier and quicker to receive results.


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