At Wednesday night’s Student Senate meeting, the issue of parking was discussed and presented by Kathy Collins and Abigail Rider. With the loss of parking spots due to the construction of the Visitor’s Center, new engineering building and the Brookside Apartments, the University of Rhode Island is proposing multiple ways to relocate and assign parking to students. The proposed plan would implement a lottery system to choose which students receive a resident parking permit.

The plan would also push commuter parking off campus. Commuters would be allowed to park at the Wickford/Walmart junction, about 20 minutes off campus, and take a bus to URI. They would also have access to a lot at Schneider Electric, about five minutes off campus, and be able to take a shuttle to URI.

“Parking is moving to the periphery to make way for exciting new facilities.” Rider said.

Multiple bills were passed as well. These included giving money to Uhuru Sasa for their annual fashion show event, and allowing the Sailing club to rearrange funds allowing them to repair multiple boats and trailers.

Senate also voted and approved funding for two new clubs on campus, the American Civil Liberties club and the Body-Building club.

The new student handbook revisions were also looked over and approved during the meeting.

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