Four people were killed and at least two more were injured in a shooting at a Waffle House in Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday, April 22  in the morning. All four people who were killed, as well as the two who were injured were in their 20s.

A 29 year old man, James Shaw Jr., was hailed a hero after he helped stop the shooting. A Nashville news outlet reported that after the gunman momentarily paused his attack, Shaw rushed him and grabbed the barrel of his gun and was eventually able to wrestle it out of the gunman’s hands and threw it over the counter. The gunman then fled from the restaurant. Shaw was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, including a burn to his hand from grabbing the barrel of the gun. After he was released from the hospital he set up a GoFundMe for the victims and their families, the Nashville news outlet reported.   

The gunman was identified as 29 year old Travis Reinking. Reinking is reported to be a native of Morton, Illinois. Police said he moved to Nashville in 2017. A manhunt that lasted nearly a day and a half ended in Reinking’s arrest. He is being held on a $2 million dollar bond. Reinking’s motive is unclear at the time, but police believe he may have mental health issues.


Local News

A school bus in North Kingstown was damaged Monday afternoon after a student shot a BB gun at it. The North Kingstown police chief said one window was cracked in the incident. WPRI reported that the incident occurred near 295 Camp Avenue. Police said students were on the bus at the time of the incident. No students were injured but shattered glass landed on several. The student who shot the BB gun was taken into custody by police. His parents were later given custody of the student.   

On Saturday, April 28, the 20th Annual Pawtucket River Duck Race will take place. Thousands of rubber ducks will be released off the Westerly/Pawtucket bridge and will then race down the Pawtucket river. Close to 20,00 ducks are expected be released. The event is used to raise money for various charities. The event is the largest charitable fundraiser in the State, according to WPRI. Over 40 schools and organizations are involved in the event.

Individuals can sponsor a rubber duck for $5. The winner of the race receives a trip for four people to receive a tour of Walt Disney World in Orlando. Ninety other prizes are also set to be given out, which range from “tickets to local attractions” to “gift certificates to local restaurants,” WPRI reported. The event begins at Donahue Park 11:30 a.m.. The Corporate Duck Race begins at 1 p.m. and the Main Race begins at 1:30 p.m..


National News

Two police officers in Dallas were shot and critically injured Tuesday evening. The incident occurred at a Home Depot when the officers were attempting to make an arrest. It was announced Wednesday morning that one of the officers injured the shooting died. The suspect, 29-year-old Armando Luis Juarez, was arrested after a manhunt and a brief chase.

Closing arguments in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial began on Tuesday. Cosby has been charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault against one person. The closing arguments are being held on the 12th day of the trial. Crosby’s first trial concluded in a deadlocked jury. Crosby could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

For the first time in United States history, the census, which will be conducted in 2020, is expected to allow respondents to say they are a part of a same sex couple, according to NBC News. A spokesperson for the U.S. Census Bureau said that after the 2015 Supreme Court Case legalized same sex marriage in all 50 states there is been more of a need to include same sex couples on the survey.   


International News

Ten people were killed and at least 15 more people on were injured on Monday after a man intentionally drove a van into a crowd of people in Toronto, Canada. The suspect in the attack drove the truck into pedestrians on Yonge Street and Fitch Avenue, in Northern Toronto, Canadian media outlets reported.

The suspect was identified as Alek Minassian, 25. The suspect was charged with 10 counts of first degree murder and 13 counts of attempted murder. Minassian motive behind the attack is not yet known. There is currently no direct link between the attack and a terrorist organization. However, a Facebook post made to Minassian’s account shortly before the attack contained references to terms often used by “men’s rights activists.” It is unclear if Minassian was the one who wrote the post or if he was the one who posted it on Facebook. The police investigation into the attack is ongoing.

At least 24 people were killed in Nicaragua as a result of deadly protests and riots after the President of Nicaragua announced changes to the Country’s social security program. The LA times reported that the protests started as a display of anger about the plan to change the Country’s social security system, but eventually turned into a display of discontent with the President of Nicaragua in general. The protests lasted for days. Some protesters clashed with police and turned violent. However, thousands of peaceful protestors also took to the streets as well.

After days of protests, the President of Nicaragua announced that he was cancelling his proposed changes to their social security program. Some United States citizens at the Nicaraguan embassy were warned to leave as a safety precaution. United States government personnel may be authorized to leave the embassy as well. Even though the proposed changes to the program are not longer expected to occur protests are still expected in the country as people fight against the current government.  

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