In the final meeting of the academic year, Student Senate passed the Campus Affairs Chair, Kelly Watka’s bill to hold a public student forum regarding the University’s parking issues. The resolution demands “that the University of Rhode Island’s Transportation and Parking Services hold a proper public forum no later than the conclusion of the Fall 2018 semester to address student concerns regarding transportation and parking planning.”

Senate addressed the new amendments to the finance handbook. Previously, the Student Organization and Leadership Consultants (SOLC) has been handling their own funds for their retreats. Wednesday night, Senate discussed transitioning the funding responsibility from SOLC to the Senate.

According to the proposed bill, all student organizations are required “to apply for extended retreat subsidization… [organizations] must meet with the finance chair to calculate the estimated cost of the event.”

Former Senator, Brianna Benedict briefly addressed the Senate and urged the senators to fill the Student Liaison position in the University’s Office of the Ombud. According to the Office of the Ombud’s website, “The primary function of the Ombud is to provide a system for handling individual problems and complaints about University processes.”

The senators pledged to fill Benedict’s previous role on the Ombud and to foster stronger communication between Senate and the Office of the Ombud.

Senator Zack Taylor was sworn in as Finance Chair, and Senator Lexi Evers was sworn in as the Student Organizing Advisory and Review Committee Chair.

SOARC Chair Lexi Evers introduced a bill to update the Student Model Constitution for the 2018 re-recognition process. Senate passed the resolution and will work to improve the model constitution for new and current Senate-recognized organizations.

They also elected new Summer Senate Representatives and Election Committee officials. The representatives were elected to serve on during the Senate’s summer session. In addition to this, they also elected new Election Committee officials to help improve the Senate election voter turnout and increase diversity.