Thursday, November 5, 1992

Headline: Clinton big winner in R.I., Bush finishes just ahead of Perot
Bill Clinton clinched a victory in the traditionally Democratic Rhode Island. Incumbent President George H.W. Bush running for re-election came in second in Rhode Island, just ahead of the independent candidate Ross Perot. Clinton received the 47 percent of the vote, Bush with 29 percent and Perot with 23 percent.

Thursday, Nov. 12, 1992

Headline: Students unite against racism, demand results by noon today
Over 200 people gathered outside Taft Hall in a peaceful protest against “institutionalized racism at URI.” The rally was lead by the Black Student Leadership Group. The group organized a press conference that outlined a 14-point list of demands from the minority population of students on campus; one demand included renaming Taft Hall to Malcolm X Hall. They gave the administration a day and a half to address the issues they set forth. In addition to the protest, the group boycotted classes and went on a hunger strike.

Thursday, November 9, 2000

Headline: Election night events confuse campus
In the 2000 election, candidates George W. Bush and Al Gore were caught up in a confusing outcome. When Americans awoke the day after Election Day, the presidential election results were still unclear. Bush and Gore were in a near deadlock, and 25 electoral votes were still undecided. The candidates were nearly tied in Florida and the state laws demanded a recount of all votes. The counting was to take a day, but with absentee ballots it was set to take about 10.

Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016

Headline: Trump defeats Clinton in stunning upset
Two years ago today Republican Donald Trump was declared president-elect of the United States, beating out Democrat Hillary Clinton. He won with 279 Electoral College Votes; Clinton had only 228. Clinton did win the popular vote with 48 percent of the vote. However, the pre-election polls placed Clinton slightly ahead of Trump, so her defeat came as a shock to the nation.