Thursday, Nov. 14, 1996
Headline: Student Senate votes to censure, not impeach
Twenty-two years ago this week, the URI Student Senate took action against Senator Scott Sanborn for leaking confidential information from a closed session. In censuring Sanborn, the Senate publicly disapproved of his actions and unethical behavior but did not issue a formal monetary fine. Sanborn revealed that he and four other senators had sent a letter into the student affairs committee requesting an investigation into Senate President Joshua Fialky and Vice President Rob Pacitti.

Tuesday, Nov. 16, 1982
Headline: Gambling rules force cancellation of casino
Due to Rhode Island regulations on gambling, the URI Library fundraising committee had to postpone its event in the Memorial Union. The committee had hopes of raising $6,000 through a series of blackjack tables, horse racing and an Atlantic City-style of boardwalk. Issues arose when the contractor hired to run the event did not have a Rhode Island gambling license. Also, since gambling was illegal in Rhode Island, the group still needed to receive approval from the state police and town council.

Friday, Nov. 14, 1975
Headline: Parking violations soar; reactions mixed solution
Over 2,500 cars had been ticketed and 400 cars had been towed this far into the 1975 school year. The majority of the violations came from parking in the emergency lanes on Upper College Road. The parking, “long a controversial issue at URI,” was brought up at a Student Senate meeting at which the senate passed a resolution calling for fixes in the parking policy. Putting a fence and a parking guard were suggested for Keaney parking lot.

Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010
Headline: President Dooley talks student advising issues, campus armament with senate
at an open forum with President David M. Dooley, students were allowed to ask the president any questions they may have had. When asked what he thought about arming police on URI campus, he said. “I support the move to arm campus police.” Dooley did express having some reservations but believed that it would be best for the community.