Dec. 3, 1997
Headline: Art interns to raise AIDS awareness through banner in Union
Fine Arts Center interns at URI developed a banner to hang in the Memorial Union in support of AIDS Awareness Week. The painted banner displayed personal narratives about the disease such as, “I had AIDS for two years before I realized it,” and “I passed AIDS onto my unborn child.”

Dec. 4, 2002
Headline: University tows cars from Fine Arts, angers students
After a major snowstorm and a lack of plowing in the Fine Arts Center lot, students were forced to make their own parking spots. To combat this, the University had their towing companies courteously move mis-parked cars from Fine Arts to Keaney Gym at the University’s expense. URI failed to inform students of their vehicle’s location, creating widespread upset and rage.

Dec. 4, 2014
Headline: University plans large faculty hire
URI announced it’s largest faculty hire in history, creating and hiring 55 positions between 2014 and 2018. Forty positions would be full-time tenure positions, and 15 would be full-time lecturers. Provost Donald DeHayes said, “It’s probably the most significant investment in faculty that the University has made, maybe in its history.”