Goodbye, Warped Tour: The end of an era

Anyone that grew up on alternative music and dreamed of seeing all their favorite bands on Warped Tour understands my heart break when Kevin Lyman, the creator of the tour, announced on Wednesday, Nov....

Mia’s Kitchen turns into popular choice

If you haven’t been to Mia’s Kitchen yet to try her veggie burger, drop everything and make the long hike up to the emporium. It will be worth it, I promise. Like most of...

Sex and the Cigar: STI Fact or Fiction?

According to a study by Laura Koutsky, PhD published in the American Journal of Medicine,  more than half of all people will have an STI at some point in their life. However, despite the...

Letter from the editor: Your letters don’t make you a perpetrator, your actions do

Three weeks ago, when we ran Kelsey Santmyer’s column about her rape, I never expected the positive reactions we received from the University of Rhode Island community. I was in awe at the overwhelming...

Column: Don’t support athletes for “heinous” crimes

I’m the last person to hit up tabloids for the latest gossip on the lives of my favorite athletes. I am fine with whatever they are doing as long as it’s not hurting others....

Lacking in funds but not fundamental skills

All throughout college I have been told to get an internship, get experience and build my network. If I do this, I was told I would have a better chance of getting employed after...

Give credit when credit’s due

For the University of Rhode Island football team, wins are few and far between, but the effort that both the coaches and the players show each day is comparable to that of a FCS...

In defense of the ‘Sophomore Slums’

Every year, approximately 95 percent of the University of Rhode Island freshmen live on campus. After their inaugural year at the University, that number dwindles. Options are limited, as not all upperclassmen are guaranteed...

Column: Women’s hockey success from Boston to RI going unnoticed

Boston won its latest championship in the string of titles its sports teams have captured earlier this month. However, this time, there was no duckboat parade, no celebration and almost no press coverage at...

Students discuss safer drug use at concerts and festivals

Students for Sensible Drug Policy, known around campus as SSDP, hosted a discussion on “Sensible Drug Use at Shows and Festivals” on Wednesday, Nov. 8. The event, which took place in the gallery of...

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The URI Student Senate held an additional meeting to welcome the new senate as well as the newly elected President Ry Bukshot and Andre...

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In a stunning turn of events, the New England Patriots announced on their official Facebook page that they completed a deal to trade quarterback...