Mia’s Kitchen turns into popular choice

If you haven’t been to Mia’s Kitchen yet to try her veggie burger, drop everything and make the long hike up to the emporium. It will be worth it, I promise. Like most of...

10 Things That Need To Go

It’s nearly spring break and there is still ton of snow on the ground.  This is the time of year where you’ve probably just about had enough.  So here is my “Top 10” of...

G-Spot Chronicles: March 12, 2015

At one point in the semester, a Project X type event was held to celebrate a well-played football game. I left the place at around 9 p.m., when it was a modest gathering. Unbeknownst...

Letter to the Editor: The time has come to talk about campus sexual assault

A 2007 campus sexual assault study by the U.S. Department of Justice found that around one in five women are targets of attempted or completed sexual assault while they are college students. That makes them...

G-Spot Chronicles: March 4, 2015

Weird stuff happens in my suite all the time. Random people sleep on the lounge floor, suite mates go missing and somehow my socks never make it back from the laundry room. All of...

Trading donuts: a little rubbing is good for NASCAR

There is no narrative more sacred to NASCAR than conflict. Take NASCAR’s ascendance to the national spotlight as evidence. President’s Day weekend in 1979 saw large amounts of snow cover the Northeast and parts of...

Reflections on visibility and hypervisibiity in LGBTQ community

After attending the University of Rhode Island’s 21st LGBTQ Symposium featuring Janet Mock, I left pondering her statements on visibility versus hyper-visibility and the benefits to be gained by the latter. Over the past several...

Commuters should be excused from RIPTA tardiness

Life of a commuter is not easy. Commuting to school, for many people, saves a great amount of spending that students living on campus have on room and board. However, it can be both...

G-Spot chronicles: February 19, 2015

Normally once I’m asleep, nothing will wake me up. This includes, but is not limited to, loud music, “turnt” college kids, hurricanes and fireworks. But the people above my room? They are a force...

Column: Defeat of Fordham a statement win for Rams

The University of Rhode Island women's basketball team's 71-56 victory at home against last year's Atlantic 10 Champion, Fordham University, this past weekend means more to the program than what meets the eye. This particular Sunday was a season-defining win...

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Student Senate report 4/1

The URI Student Senate held an additional meeting to welcome the new senate as well as the newly elected President Ry Bukshot and Andre...

SATIRE Sex and the Cigar: How to fake an orgasm

We all have those moments when things are getting passionate, your heart is racing and your excitement is through the roof. You’re ready to...

New England trades QB Jimmy Garoppolo to URI football

In a stunning turn of events, the New England Patriots announced on their official Facebook page that they completed a deal to trade quarterback...