‘I Want My Szechuan McNugget Sauce, Morty!’

Oct. 7, 2017 was the day I lost faith in McDonalds.  This day is a day that will live in infamy.  It was the day McDonald's made a promise, that fell short and ruined...

Not drinking in college: 21 and (mostly) sober

I’m 21 and I don’t drink. You read that right. The unpopular opinion. I don’t go to Ticket Tuesdays at the Ocean Mist,Chuck Mondays at Charlie O’s Tavern, or Bonvue Thursdays at the Bonvue Inn....

Zero Credits Awarded: the Mystery Student Experience

 I’m a senior, and I’ve spent a lot of time in Swan Hall over the course of what has nearly been four years of school—but I’ve never had a class in the auditorium....

Letter from the editor: Your letters don’t make you a perpetrator, your actions do

Three weeks ago, when we ran Kelsey Santmyer’s column about her rape, I never expected the positive reactions we received from the University of Rhode Island community. I was in awe at the overwhelming...

Sully Abroad: New Zealand spring break part 2

SYDNEY - Last week my entire article was about how beautiful New Zealand was, and how I wasted a golden opportunity in the country. However, New Zealand as a whole was not a wasted...

The Bang for your Buck: Budgeting so you don’t go broke in college

Maybe you’ve just seen the bill for your textbooks this semester and felt your stomach drop. Maybe you just never really had to pay much attention to how much you spent on groceries. Do...

An open letter to Kelsey Santmyer: The response we think you deserve

A letter to Kelsey Santmyer Dear Kelsey, We cannot begin to count the number of ways our University has failed you. You were failed two years ago when you were raped. You were failed when you...

Letters to the Editor: Student Senate reflects on sexual assault column

Dear University Community, As members of the University of Rhode Island Student Senate, we commit ourselves to preventing sexual violence here at this institution. We value and uphold the cornerstones of our University: to defend...

Sully Abroad: Spring Break in Middle Earth

SYDNEY - When God, Mother Earth, Jake from State Farm, Tom Brady or whoever you choose to, or not, believe in made the Earth, I think they saved New Zealand till the end. They...

Worst mass shooting…until the next one

Orlando. Paris. Manchester. And now, Las Vegas. In all of these cities people went out to enjoy a night of music, singing and laughter with friends, but instead were caught in the middle of...

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Student Senate report 4/1

The URI Student Senate held an additional meeting to welcome the new senate as well as the newly elected President Ry Bukshot and Andre...

SATIRE Sex and the Cigar: How to fake an orgasm

We all have those moments when things are getting passionate, your heart is racing and your excitement is through the roof. You’re ready to...

New England trades QB Jimmy Garoppolo to URI football

In a stunning turn of events, the New England Patriots announced on their official Facebook page that they completed a deal to trade quarterback...