Letter to the Editor: Owning a Home in Your 20s

Graphic courtesy of Mary Lind Most young adults in their 20s are thinking about buying the newest video game, parts for their car, doing well in college, or the newest smartphone. None take the time to contemplate large scale investments like buying...

Knowing You’re Not Alone Starts With An Open Discussion

While writing this column, many of my sources wished to remain anonymous due to fear of being seen as crazy, weak, or simply not wishing to appear differently in the eyes of other people. The request for anonymity speaks volumes in relation...

What’s Trending Around Campus: Are the Construction Workers Around Campus Impacting Students Style?

Subcultures collide on URI’s campus with students adopting style trends from construction workers’ unofficial uniform: Carhartt hats and Timberland work boots. URI is no stranger to construction work, and with the new engineering building and dorm hall being built...

A New Era for Journalism

Sunday, Jan. 20 will be a day I remember forever. It’s the day I left home for the start of the Spring 2019 semester, and truly realized that I was the next Editor-in-Chief of The Good Five Cent Cigar.

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Ian Weiner
There's the way things are perceived and then there's reality. The role of a journalist is to help the public differentiate between the two. I'm doing this because I want to make a difference. Giving people the resources they need to be informed is one of the most critical things any society can have. In addition, I like telling stories, whether they are about people, places, things, events, you name it. Lastly, it is an honor to be able to lead the editorial staff, help them achieve everything they want, and leave knowing The Cigar will have a brighter future than ever before.