Dorm room space and money can be very limited for most college students. So to help create more storage and add some decoration to even the tiniest space on a tight budget, below is a list of supplies and directions for making magnetic pencil holders and magnets out of ordinary bottles. The craft demonstrated costs under $10, and it was inspired by a post on

What You Need:

  • very strong glue: Gorrilla Super Glue is recommended. (found at Home Depot)
  • super strength magnets: one per cap, two per bottle. (found at Home Depot)
  • small drink with a bottle cap: I used the smaller size of Starbucks’ frappucino. (found at CVS)DIY Photo 1

Step One: Preparation

First, pour out the bottles and wash both the bottles and bottle caps. Make sure to have one magnet ready for each cap and two per bottle, as the bottles are heavier.

Step Two: Glueing

For the bottle caps put a dot of glue in the center of the back of the cap. The dot should be a little smaller than a dime and preferably a perfect circle.

For the bottles themselves, the glue should be applied directly to the magnets, rather than the bottle.DYI Image 4

Step Three: Placing the Magnets

Place the magnet for the cap exactly centered for the best result.

Then, for the bottles, arrange the two magnets far enough away from each other as possible so that they will both still touch the flat side of the bottle, which is easy to tell by holding the bottle above or next to the magnets on a table. If either magnet is glued to a curved part of the bottle then it will be useless because it won’t lay flat on your fridge or other metal surface. Once you have found the perfect distance for your bottle magnets, put a dot of glue in the center of each magnet. Follow this by placing the bottle’s backside on top of the glue-coated magnets, trying to keep the magnets centered down the length of the bottle.DYI Image 1

Step Four: Securing the Magnets

Leave the caps with magnet side facing up for a few minutes to ensure that the magnet has been fully glued to the magnet.

With the bottle, hold it in place on top of the two magnets for about one minute to give the glue time to take hold and make sure that the bottle does not roll off. Then let the bottle sit for a couple minutes just in case.DIY Image 5

Step Five: You’re Done!

You can now use your magnets and bottles as holders or decorative magnets on your dorm’s mini-fridge or other metal surfaces. Bottle caps can be used to hold photographs and bottles make for great toothbrush or pencil holders.

Any small containers or bottle caps can be used to create extra storage and magnets for even the smallest dorm rooms using the above instructions. Be sure to use more magnets the heavier the object you choose so that it will not fall.