At the beginning of 2014, a Dunkin’ Donuts location was opened on campus, giving students another option for buying coffee.The new Dunkin’ opened in the Memorial Union, where a similar establishment known as 193 Coffeehouse is also located.

The student run coffeehouse opened for business for the new semester on Monday, and any concerns about the shop having its business affected by Dunkin’ Donuts were dispelled after talking to employee Daniel Mateus.

Mateus said that competition from Dunkin’ Donuts has not affected the business of the coffeehouse.

“We generally get the same amount of regulars, even though Dunkin’ gets a lot of students because they’re a bigger name,” said Mateus. “Really the only drawback for us is our cash only option.”

Mateus explained that since the coffeehouse is a student run non-profit organization, they cannot accept credit cards for payment. He also said that although Dunkin’ Donuts draws a bigger student audience, he said, “There’s a specific crowd that keeps coming here that keeps us in business.”

Despite not needing to take drastic measures to keep up with Dunkin’ Donuts, it isn’t stopping the shop from updating itself.

“We are updating the place,” said Mateus. “We’re highly considering getting new carpeting, or putting in tiling and putting some rugs over it. We also just got new furniture and are trying to get the fireplace to work again.”

Possibly the biggest difference between Dunkin’ Donuts and 193 Coffeehouse are the live events they hold there. The Coffee Shop is a venue for up and coming artists and interested students to perform for an audience when the opportunities arise.

Mateus summarized the coffehouse’s event schedule for the next couple months, saying they will be hosting events such as open mic nights, movie nights, and concerts by rock and blues artists.

While there are no specific dates planned for any of these events at the moment, the Coffee House does have a Facebook page that they update regularly with news and upcoming events.

193 Coffeehouse is located on the second floor of the Memorial Union, and can be liked on Facebook at