The Ryan Center hosted its first Field Day festival on Friday night with headliners Dada Life and 2 Chainz, along with multiple openers.

The doors opened at 7:00 p.m. with the electronic music group Decadence.  With about 150 people in attendance and the lights on,  the gymnasium resembled a high school dance.  The duo comprised of two guys fist pumping while DJing, with cans of Red Bull in their other hands.

After Decadence’s set, student hip-hop artist Sticky Pacaveli took the stage to perform a couple songs.  Despite the absence of a true hype man to help him finish his lines and poor production, he was impressive.  Pacaveli got the crowd behind him as soon as he stepped behind the mic and although his stage presence was not great, he had good flow for a student rapper.

The lights finally turned off when Exodus, consisting of two more guys with Red Bulls, took the stage. The crowd of at least 500 now lost interest as the duo found themselves trapped in what seemed like a 30 second GIF.  When their set ended, the lights turned on, revealing a crowd that seemed much more focused on turning up and partying than the music itself.

By the time Cazzette came out, most of the standing room floor was filled.  The Swedish duo’s set was filled with beat drops and smoke effects.  Although the group was on for less than an hour, it felt much longer.  The crowd’s patience was tested during their set, as once again the music seemed to be repeating itself.

They ended their set by trying to get the crowd hyped for 2 Chainz.  When he finally came out with a white jacket, baseball cap, and a couple chains hanging from his neck (who would have thought?), he got a loud ovation. After spending some time reminding the crowd what his name was, he performed most of his popular features, such as “All Me” by Drake.  2 Chainz then moved on to original singles.  Songs like “Birthday Song” and “I’m Different” got the crowd amped enough to pull out their camera phones and watch him perform through a six-inch device.

About halfway through his set, the rapper showed off his personal URI basketball jersey. It was customized with his last name on the back, similar to Snoop Dogg’s when he performed at the Ryan Center in 2010.  2 Chainz finished his performance in about 45 minutes, with probably the best set of the night.  His stage presence and catchy hooks were the highlights of the festival.

As soon as 2 Chainz left the stage, Dada Life appeared with blowup bottles and bananas, which were like inflatable pool toys, to let the crowd play with.  The crowd loved the inflatables, and passed them throughout the ground floor. The Swedish electro-house duo were by far the best electronic music group there, receiving the loudest response of the night.

This year’s concert marked yet another year the Ryan Center partnered with the Platinum Entertainment Group.  Similar to last year’s show with hip hop artists Tyga and YG, the atmosphere throughout the night resembled more of a Barstool event than it did a music festival.

Even though the first few hours seemed to drag, as any festival would with openers the crowd isn’t familiar with, the last two sets made it bearable.