There is nothing appealing to me about sitting in the library. In theory, it should provide a quality environment for students at the University of Rhode Island to work amongst others, however, the 24-hour room alone is the absolute opposite of this.

It is impossible to pay attention in that godforsaken dungeon. Between the sorority girls in the corner talking their heads off about last nights keg stand, or the weird guy named Oswald from your English class sitting two tables over who likes to eat Cheetos especially loud and lick his fingers squeaky clean, the 24-hour room, or any room in the library for that matter, is not where you want to get serious work done.

If you’re like me, you need peace, quiet and privacy. If you dare go up to the silent third floor, expect to get dirty looks when rumbling through your bag even just for a pen. The second floor, on the other hand, just looks, feels and maybe even smells like a green prison (except for the Media Resource Center where you can literally rent out movies…check that out). Now, don’t get me wrong, if you find the library to be a peaceful study area, go ahead and make use of it, but just know there are other places on campus to find some actual peace and quiet.

Computer labs: There is one in both the library and the Memorial Union.  It is likely you’ll find less people in the memorial union, because who even knew students could use that lab, or that the lab was even there? 3rd floor, Room 313.

Honors Study Lounge in 3rd floor Lippitt Hall: Technically, only students in the honors program are supposed to use this, but when I went during office hours the door was wide open with two people in there, and I doubt the department would kick out any student using the space to adequately do homework. There’s a cozy lounge area with tables, chairs, couches, another computer lab with roughly twenty computers and even a kitchen! The hallways in Lippitt also have comfy chairs and tables to sit, and nearly no one walked by or disturbed me. Lippitt is the center of silence and solitude aka my new favorite place to be. But let’s keep it that way….

Pharmacy Building: It’s unbelievably beautiful in there, one of my favorite places on campus. Comfy couches all around. Not to mention the conference rooms on every floor include huge windows for walls and remote controlled retractable blinds. You could take a nap in there (but don’t…just in case members of the Pharmacy department actually need that conference room and catch you sleeping dead center on the table). There’s also a balcony with tables and chairs on the second floor overlooking the courtyard and garden. Best part is, on a Saturday afternoon, no one was there.

Empty classrooms: Roam the halls of any building on campus and you’re likely to find at least one open vacant classroom to work in. That’s also including lecture halls. I found a plentiful amount in Quinn, East, Swan, etc.

East Hall: There is a small, quaint library as soon as you walk into East Hall, home of the Physics department. Bright and quiet enough to focus.

Enrollment Services in Green Hall 2nd floor: I am able to get my best work done here. An open library-like room with large oak tables, fancy green lamps, plants and tall ceilings that all make you feel like you’re on the Titanic. Give me one reason why you wouldn’t want to study here.

Outside: On beautiful sunny days in the fall and spring, if you feel like walking, try the tables and benches under the pavilion next to the tennis courts. Unless there is some world record breaking game going on, there should be absolutely no one there. Worse comes to worst, hop a squat on the grass. Not the quad because we all know that thing is constantly hustling and bustling with people and events, but have yourself a study picnic anywhere you’d like where there is minimal human traffic going on. Put down a blanket, lean up against a tree, eat some snacks, crack open that math book and relax. No one is going to judge you for the awesome picnic you’re having while they’re at the library. If anything, they’ll join you.

Residence hall lounges: If all the lounges in your building are full of students watching movies or playing Cards Against Humanity, you can always search around in residential halls around you.

It is so important to find a place on campus where you are able to unwind and concentrate. Leaving all homework and studying to be done in a dorm room you’re sharing with two or possibly three other people, will ultimately result in distraction. Falling behind is a nightmare, and soon you’ll be forced to work in the dreaded 24-hour room at 3 a.m. on a weeknight (well, technically morning). Don’t be afraid to ask around for places to sit or people to study with. There are unlimited resources around campus students are meant to take full advantage of, so take advantage of them!